The Primary Benefits of Big Bend Roofing with Wood Shakes

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Big Bend RoofingUsing wood as roofing material could add richness in splendor, tradition and heritage. Nowadays, Big Bend wood shakes are still very popular with home builders and with advanced roofing techniques, they are becoming safer and more appealing to use.

It is a common fact that wood roofs are flammable compared to bricks or steel. Thus, having a plain wood roof is not recommended. They must be first added with a fire-resistant finish for protection, and this must be reapplied every two to three years to be effective. However, there are new wood shakes that are produced today with fire resistant finishes already added. This is ideal since it could reduce the cost on maintenance.

Wood shakes must be treated to effectively repel water and be resistant to insects such as ants and termites. They are also applied with aesthetic finishes to provide the visual appeal. Choose wood roofing that was acquired from the heartwood of the tree, since these are more durable compared to the outside bark. Heartwood could last for decades and could become a great insulation pad against the outside environment. Because wood is a natural roofing material, it lets your home breathe providing better air quality for your Big Bend home. Your interiors will avoid becoming heavily exposed to moisture avoiding the growth of mold and mildew.

There are several types of trees, which can be used for roof. Oak, pine, cedar, and redwood are just a few recommended timbers for wood shakes. Installing the wood shakes requires expertise and skills. Thus, if you don’t know anything about the craft, never try it alone. It is best to ask help from a professional roofer who had long years of experience in this kind of job.

To lessen your expenses, you must consider hiring Big Bend professionals who have the experience in using high-quality wood roofing materials. This will ensure that your roof will last longer and reduce the need for repairs in the future. Also ask how much you need to pay for the Big Bend contractors and if they are willing to do the job if you source out your own wood roofing materials.

Big Bend wood shakes are varied in sizes and thickness, so you can have varied choices when it comes to roofing. Choosing wood for your roof could be expensive compared to other kinds of materials, and they require more care. However, once they are properly installed and maintained, you can take advantage not only of the aesthetic appeal but also the durability of your roof.





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