Our company has been in the same family for three generations.

Mather’s Improvement Service – Established 1966

Mather's Circa 1967

In 1966 Robert Mather and his brother started a home improvement company. Their company was founded on the belief that hard work and customer service were the key tenets to providing a good product.

In 1982 the company was passed over to Robert’s daughter, Chris, and her husband, Mark. Since then, Mather’s has come to be known in the community as the best in exterior home remodeling.

Today, Mark and Chris’s two sons, Matt and Ben, are set to take the reins, and keep the company going strong.

Mather’s Improvement Service is proud to be a part of the Burlington community for so long, and thankful for the continued business!

Meet the Family

Mark and Chris Zusan
General Manager & Accounts Manager

I remember the words from my father’s mouth as a child, “Christine, stay off the ladder.” Did I ever listen? maybe, maybe not. I am Chris (Mather) Zusan, co-owner of Mather’s Improvement Service, along with my husband Mark. I am the second generation involved in the business. In the early years of our marriage I was a stay at home mom, enjoying every moment in watching and helping our three children to grow and become the wonderful adults they are today.

One day my parents came to Mark and myself with the hopes that we would want to join the family business. I started out helping in the office and the day to day running of the business.

I am Mark Zusan; I met my wife Christine in high school. We attended Jr. Prom together and have been together ever since. We got married after high school and started our family.. In the early years of our married life I was a meat cutter by trade and we, as a family resided in the Honey Creek area. When I started with Mather’s I began in the field, by being a hands on employee.

Together we both enjoyed learning the ins and outs of the business, and along the way fulfilled a family dream. We kept the business in the Mather’s family for over 45 years while watching it grow and succeed. It has been a joy to see both of our sons start in the business at an early age, and continue to become the leaders they are today.

In our spare time, we have tried to stay active in the community. We take pride in our involvement with the Lyons Club. Most of all we take pride in our life together as we are best friends who have been married for over 37 years. We enjoy our time of traveling together but nothing can beat the love and laughter of our grandchildren.

As we grow as a business we look forward to our sons, Matt and Ben taking on more of the business side of operations, as we intend to keep Mather’s in our family for generations to come.

Matthew Zusan
Project Coordinator

I am Matthew Zusan – I am the oldest of the three Zusan children. I am married with two sons, Aidan and Kieran. My family and I live in the Burlington/Lyons area. I love the area that we live in so instead of moving when our family grew I decided to put an addition our house. With the two young boys and the addition, it does seem like my spare time is limited. When I can, I enjoy taking the family camping and visiting the antique shops. My collection of antique tools has grown over the years.

I started working at Mather’s when I was just 13. I worked the clean up crew, right along with the rest of the guys. It was then that I learned to respect hard work. I have always enjoyed putting things together so taking the next steps to move up the ladder in the company came naturally. I am now the Project Manager for all of our projects. I enjoy getting the job started, and seeing the finished product. I expect our crew to follow through on every detail, on each and every project. Setting our standards high is not an option, it is the norm. In addition to being the Project Manager, I also am involved as a Consultant. I will come to your home and discuss with you your home improvement needs and offer you the services that will best fit your needs. I look forward to the day when I can work side by side with my own sons and carry on the family legacy of Mather’s Improvement Service.

Benjamin Zusan
Project Consultant

I am Benjamin Zusan – I stepped aboard with Mather’s when I was just a kid. I also started on the clean up crew and worked my way up the ladder. I am now a full-time Project Consultant. I take pride in my knowledge and enjoy sharing it with you. I feel that with knowledge is power and every home owner deserves to have the power and control to make the very best informed decisions possible. I believe through out your lifetime, your home will always be your number one investment. As your Project Consultant I will always be honest with you and try to work with you in every way that I can. Don’t be surprised though if on occasion you see me up on the roof with our crew. As part of quality control and our on going training, I do end up as part of the roofing crew from time to time.

I have been married now for a few years. My wife Allie and I enjoy traveling and taking care of our 2 “kids” Bernie and Dakota. I am very active and I enjoy each year as the seasons change. Summer is softball, volleyball, golf and of course the cook outs and family gatherings. Winter brings snowboarding and ice fishing. I also volunteer at Alpine Valley as part of the Ski Patrol.

As I look to the future I am proud to be part of my grandfather’s dream. I hope to see us grow as a business, while at the same time giving our customers the dependability in which they deserve and expect from Mather’s.


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